I am  a Sydney-based freelance photographer who offers a relaxed and friendly service, specialising in candid and creative documentary style photography. I approach each job as a unique experience and strive to not only meet, but exceed the needs of each client, whether commercial or personal.


I was 17 when I scored my first  photographic gig, taking photo finishes at the Cooma race track where I grew up.    Since then I've photographed nearly everything; celebrations, family portraits, nature, products and fashion.


I spent years as an amateur, basically doing my friends and families favours, then figured was about time I make an actual living.


When I'm not fiddling with my camera, myself and my husband try to keep up with our 2  energetic kids. (who feature regularly in my work).   As a family we travel as regularly as possible, often to Ireland where my husband hails from. 


I am very lucky that I get to go on photographic jaunts overseas under the guise of visiting family!  



Rhonda Byrne